This Is Going to Be​.​.​.

by Much Better

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released February 22, 2017

Produced by: Steve Evetts
Mastered by: John Carey



all rights reserved


Much Better Los Angeles, California

Tim Jo
Sean Quinn
Justin Reynard
Charlie Saxton

Twitter & Instagram: @_muchbetter

Logo design by Neil Wayne
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Track Name: Last October + Diplomas
Last October

How many times have we prayed this was over?
When was the last good day I remembered?
Will you still love me come next October, or(rrr)r?
If we all fall together at least we'll shoulder
on and on and

this is the worst off I've ever been
I wait for inspiration to strike me
but my worst fears seem to spite me
feels like i'm breaking lightning in a bottle

i'm on hold for a better day
'til then please don't try to reach me
as my mind & money sink beneath me
I think it's time we said, "let's pick it up"


Everyone's a drunk or is having babies
everybody else just fucking hates me:
I guess I'm doing this alone again tonight.
Now I'm sifting through ashes just to find green
I'm letting my drug habits start to define me.
livin this alone, this life of mine.

I'm not saying lives are lost or thrown away
I'd rather take my time with you.
Cause I know that domestic light will shine on me
but until then...

I'm not asking for pity, I know I don't deserve it
but there's something about staring at diplomas
and then smoking weed in my sister's basement.
it starts to feel unsettling
am I proud of this life I lead?
but where you see yourself 10 years from now could be greater than you think.
Track Name: Insured For Everything Except An Act of God
All my walls are coming down
The elements & I are even now.
Man i'm just glad you're not around
I couldn't feel closer to the ground.
All my walls are..

On the night before Halloween
My mother called & said to me,
"I wont be able to sleep until I tell you how damaging
this is going to be"

A "woah, what the fuck" of a feeling
you didn't think you'd be leaving
but could've known
that nothing but the frames be left standing
apocalyptic abandoning
a community turned warzone.

i know we're rebuilding
i know we'll be fine
cause next to FEMA loans & contractors
things heal better with time.
but this shore took a lot out of me,
and shipped it off to sea.

a future under four feet
as phantom ships go sailing through my street
asbestos covering everything
i can't breathe
Track Name: Good News
It's fucked up how you already know
that I'm always waiting by my phone,
in hopes that one day you'll call with good news.

made grown mistakes at a real young age
they never left me the same.
Cause when the sky-limit you build towards
leaves you hanging on a billboard,
is when shit started to change.

I've got this gutting, sinking feeling
that I'll be nothing but a memory.
I've got this gutting, sinking feeling

I guess I've always had this feeling

She said "What this place needs is a good natural catastrophe"
to shake up some things, to make stomachs weak.

As far as I know your future ain't including me
We all end up alone, just show some humility.

I'm not asking for pity, I know I don't deserve it.
We all end up alone, just show some humility.